Nuclear Technology Laboratory
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
Macedonia, Greece.

Nuclear Technology Laboratory

Health Physics Society : Volume 61, Issue 6 , December 1991.

Radiocesium dynamics in fruit trees following the Chernobyl accident
Antonopoulos-Domis, M; Clouvas, A; Gagianas, A

Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Contamination of fruits and leaves from various trees with 137Cs from the Chernobyl accident was systematically studied from 1987 to 1990 on two farms in Northern Greece. Measured biological half-lives for 137Cs are in good agreement with a recently presented model. Contamination of leaves and fruits of trees planted before the accident decays exponentially with time. Contamination of trees planted after the Chernobyl accident was also studied. [Journal Article; In English; United States]


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