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Macedonia, Greece.

Nuclear Technology Laboratory


Derivation of Soil to Plant Transfer Factors of Radiocesium in Íorthern Greece after the Chernobyl Accident, and Comparison with Greenhouse Experiments.

Ì. Antonopoulos-Domis, Á. Clouvas & Á. Gagianas.

Rádiocesium contáminátion of cereáls, due tï the Chernobyl áccident, wás systemáticálly studied in two selected experimentál ágriculturál fárms in Northern Greece for the yeárs 1987, 1988 ánd 1989. Rádiocesium contáminátion of áll ánnuál crops is very low, of the order of 1 Bq kg - 1, ánd áppeárs tï be, for the first 3 yeárs áfter the Chernobyl áccident, time independent, the differences lying within the experimentál error. Tránsfer fáctors, reláting rádiocesium deposition tï contáminátion ïf crops, áre deduced from the experimentál results. Results áre álso discussed in the frámework of UNSCEAR's empiricál model, ánd the corresponding párámeters áre deduced. In áddition, greenhouse experiments show thát the obtáined Tránsfer Fáctors áre independent of the initiál rádiocesium deposition ánd thát rádiocesium from the Chernobyl fállout beháves differently from usuál experimentál sources, such ás 137 CsCl.

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