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Annals of Nuclear Energy paper abstract.

Volume 29, Issue 3 , February 2002 , Pages 235-253

Instability localization with artificial neural networks (ANNs).

T. Tambouratzis, and M. Antonopoulos-Domis

The aim of this piece of research is to investigate the potential of artificial neural networks (ANNs) for tackling the problem of instability localization. The instability is modeled by a variable strength absorber (point-source) in a two-dimensional bare reactor model with a one neutron-energy group. The proposed approach constitutes an exercise in simplicity in that: (1) an arbitrarily simplified model is employed for ANN training and validation; (2) few training and validation patterns of low complexity are utilized; (3) the ANN inputs are derived directly from the neutron noise signals, the proposed location of instability is given on-line via an uncomplicated combination of ANN outputs; (4) the ANN architecture is independent of the number of possible locations of instability. In fact, unlike previous approaches which employ hundreds of outputs (one for each fuel assembly), only two ANN outputs are employed representing the X- and Y-coordinates (location) of instability; (5) the responses of only a few detectors are employed; (6) a measure of confidence in the prediction is assigned. The results of ANN testing, which is performed on patterns from both actual and simplified models, are reported and analyzed.

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