Nuclear Technology Laboratory
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
Macedonia, Greece.

Nuclear Technology Laboratory

Introduction to Nuclear Technology
Fundamental concepts. Radioactivity. The binding energy. Nuclear reactions and the corresponding cross sections. Fission. Interaction of the radiation with the medium. Detection and measurement of the radiation. Applications of the nuclear technology to the industry and sciences. Nuclear reactors. Environmental pollution. Radioprotection.
Taught by : Clouvas A. Semester : 4th. Hours per week : 3+1 (lab)

Theory and Technology of Nuclear Reactors

Neutron diffusion: One-neutron group diffusion equation. Criticality computations, reflector. Two group equations. Reactor dynamics: Point Reactor model. Space and time dependence models. Feedback mechanisms. Transient phenomena. Transfer functions. Poisons. Fuel management. Control methods. Dynamic characteristics of nuclear power plants.

Taught by : Clouvas A., Kadi S. Semester : 7th. Hours per week : 4

Heat Transfer
Mechanisms of heat transfer. The heat diffusion equation. One-dimensional steady-state conduction. Introduction to convection, laminar and turbulent flow, the convection coefficient, the dimensionless parameters. Heat exchanges. The Transient conduction. Radiation: Fundamental concepts, Radiation Intensity, Blackbody radiation, the surface emission, absorption-reflection and transmission. Radiation exchange between surfaces.
Taught by : Xatziathanasiou V., Kadi S. Semester : 7th. Hours per week : 4

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